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Q: Is my iPhone /iPod waterproof?
A: No! It is not. The only way to submerge your device is with a sealed waterproof case.

Q: Where should I locate the iPhone?
A: For best results locate it on the lower back center.

Q: Where can I buy a case for the iPhone?
A: Any good sealed case like Amphibx waist case from

Q: What kinds of swim styles are supported in Swim Mate?
A: Front Crawl, Backstroke, Butterfly stroke.

Q: How many laps can the SwimMate count?
A: Up to 999 laps

Q: Where do I download SwimMate?
A: you can find Swim Mate in Appstore (add link here)

Q: Where can I buy Q-Swim,Q-hear and Q-dive?
A: These devices are currently on production, you can pre order by sending mail to:

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